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Here at Naked as a Jaybird, we take our ingredients seriously. There are only a few, so it’s easy to provide you with pure, naked goodness. The base ingredients in each of our products are organic coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Understand the uniqueness in us all, we offer a variety of scents. Our scents come from essential oils; lavendar, cedarwood, rose, peppermint, tea tree, and bergamont. Read more about what these essential oils do for you.

Quickly approaching my mid thirties, two things became wildly obvious – hangovers are officially not worth it and woah! I need to take care of my skin. While Naked as a Jaybird can’t help with the first one, it is THE BEST at helping with the second. A no nonsense girl, the simple ingredients and handy application make this the best. Add in the AMAZEballs scents and there is no lotion bar comparison. I recommend it to everyone. Literally. The best.

Ok. I’m at this SWANKY coastal hotel in Laguna Beach…


Ok. I’m at this SWANKY coastal hotel in Laguna Beach. I’m wearing the uber plush, fall to the ground bathrobe. Just stepped out of the larger than my kitchen steam shower. Reach for my Naked as a Jaybird – search, scramble, throw clothes on the floor – I FORGOT TO PACK IT!! Oh well, there’s some fancy schmancy Italian label lotion provided. I apply vigorously. Moments later my skin is burning. Literally burning. I check the label – alcohol. Seriously. Though it meant just a mere five more minutes in the cavernous steam shower, I was reminded of how spoiled I am. Nothing, I mean nothing, but the best from my lotion. Never again fancy, Italian lotion. Never, again.

Emily’s Fancy Italian Episode